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  • 1STEP 1: Sign Up

    Click the "Sign Up" button or the Pricing menu to select the plan that suits you.

    Click on the Get Started button.

    Sign up by either filling in the form OR simply sign up via your Twitter account.

  • 2STEP 2: Connect Your Social Networks Profiles

    1. Sign In and click on the Posts menu button.
    2. To Connect your social accounts, click on the Connect accounts button.
    3. Click multiple Social Media Platforms to connect all your independent accounts.
    4. To create groups with accounts that allow, select and click all your preferred accounts. (To enable groups: Settings -> Posts -> Display Groups if you want to use groups with accounts).

  • 3STEP 3: Schedule Your Posts

    1. Select the option to connect social accounts or groups with accounts.
    2. To create a post, make a text entry in the post area.
    3. Select the videos or images you want to share.
    4. Select the "Share Now" button to post or click the drop-down arrow to select the schedule option.
    5. To schedule when the post will be shared, select the date

  • 4STEP 4: Connect RSS Feed

    1. Sign In and click on the "Posts" Menu.
    2. Then click on RSS Feeds tab and on the button Add RSS Feed.
    3. Enter your RSS Feed's url and click on the button Save RSS Feed.
    4. You will be redirected to the RSS Feed Page.
    5. You have to select accounts or groups with accounts where the RSS's posts will be published.
    6. Next in the Settings tab, enable the options you want.

  • 5STEP 5: Sending Your Email Campaigns

    1. Sign In and click on the "Emails" Menu.
    2. Create an email's campaign.
    3. Create an email's list and upload your email addresses to the list.
    4. Click on the button Manage at the created campaign and start to compose your email templates by using drag and drop.
    5. Send the Email templates immediately or simply schedule them.

  • 6STEP 6: How to Plan your Posts

    1. Login to your Howeasyy Marketing  Account
    2. Click the PLANNER menu
    3. Click the edit icon to compose your post
    4. Enter the Post's Title
    5. Enter the post's URL
    6. Enter the post's content
    7. Upload any images or videos to the post
    8. Click Save
    9. Click the drop-down arrow of the ACTIONS menu
    10. Select Planify
    11. Select the Start and End dates for your posts
    12. Select the Start and End times for your posts
    13. Click Submit to Exit

  • 7STEP 7: Email Marketing

    • Login to your Howeasyy Marketing Account
    • Click on the Templates Menu
    • Click the Create Menu
    • Select the Template Layout
    • Enter a Title for the Email Template
    • Click Save
    • To edit the saved template, click PRO BUILDER option
    • Edit the template accordingly and click SAVE to save any changes and to EXIT

  • 8STEP 8: Howeasyy bio

    1. Login to your Howeasyy Bio Account
    2. Click Create and enter a Title for your Bio
    3. Click on the newly created Title to open and edit the project
    4. Click Create to create either a  new Biolink Page or to Create a New Link

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